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All you need to know about KaratBars, KaratPay, KaratBit, KaratGold & KaratCoin
Global Investment Report on Karatbars
Why the promises about gold mines are false?
Karat's theft of intellectual property and counterfeit reports
Why 4th July promise turn out to be a sham, and KBC is now is in freefall
Karatbars is another pyramid scheme lining the pockets of its creators based on empty claims that each investment is backed by non-existing gold reserves.

See the reasons below or read the independent financial report immediately
There is actually no gold reserve to back any investment.

The declared quantity of gold, namely 700 tons of gold stored in GuineanMine is clearly overstated and ribic, because as it is shown in the report the total gold reserve of the whole country of Guinea is 700 tons, with annual top production being 8-10 tons only. As well as Karat Coin Bank itself states that there might be no such gold. See full information in report below.
Why Karatbars is fraud?
Karatbars documentation and reports have inconsistencies or are simply stolen from other projects

According to the KBC White paper the mine is Madagascar is valued at 5 billion Euro, whereas in the KBC audit and evaluation papers if states that its value is 0,94 billion Euro, which is one fifth of the amount claimed. Similarly the reports issued by Karatbars team, in particular the report on valuation of KBC foundation is plagiarised from other project Basinvest from Switzerland that is in no way related to Karatbars.
4th of July hype scheme

Harald Seiz announced that on July 4, 2019, KBC coins can be exchanged for physical gold at the rate of 100 KBC = 1g. With numerous new affiliates getting more KBC, on the 4th of July Seitz then claimed that he was misunderstood and they would only be able to "claim" their gold. In other words this was another empty promise that lead to KBC rate free-fall.
The licences for the gold mines in Madagascar and Guinea are forgeries
According to the state registries there is no license issues to any company affiliated with KaratBar, KaratCoin, KaratGold, or Karat Bank neither in Guinea or Madagascar. The license number indicated by KaratBars as one referring to mines in Madagascar belongs to other company neither related to Karat scheme nor to gold mining at all.
Who stands behind this scheme?
Hiding behind the presumably German trust-worthiness, the brazen machinators Harald Seiz, Josip Heit, Alex Bodi and Ovidiu Toma.
Harald Seiz
Josip Heit
Alex Bodi
Ovidiu Toma

Why should I trust this website?
This website is created by independent research group aimed at protecting people from enriching another crypto-fraudsters using the hyped topic of exorbitant profits that holds nothing but another scum.
Where can I see further proof?
There are three reports produced by independent financial groups. In the three reports the obvious fallacies are explained and the excerpts of the relevant documents are presented. Also check other resources explaining why Karatbars is scam and fraudulent scheme.
If this hasn't convinced you yet start asking questions all of the above questions and concerns now. In your groups, chats, message the founders directly and see whether any response arises.
There is the whole community of people who argue that Karatbars is fraud. Learn more in the reviews below
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